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Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 45 and Indian / Pakistani Basmati Rice

Most recently we started to supply Brazilian Sugar and Indian Basmati Rice all over Saudi Arabia and nerby Countries, we are seriously updating with our clients who are in catering industry and major suppliers of the area for developing our new area of business. We are a very strong team for digital marketing and business development for our business.

Brazilian Sugar and Indian Basmati are so famous in middle east market arena, especially in Saudi Arabia much more potential and huge customers are looking for the easy availability.

ICUSAM 45 – Brazilian Origin

The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) is an International standards body, founded in 1897, that publishes detailed laboratory procedures for the analysis of sugar.

The ICUMSA Methods Book contains detailed instructions for analyzing raw, cane, white, beet, molasses, plantation white and specialty sugars. Among these are methods for determination of dry solids content by polarimetry, densimetry and refractometry, color (extinction coefficient at 420 nm), reducing sugars, and the presence of metals such as arsenic and copper. The Methods Book also contains polynomials and tables (derived from the polynomials) which relate the refractive index of solutions of pure sucrose, glucose, fructose and invert sugar to the strength of those solutions. These are to be used with the analysis methods that characterize sugars by refractometric means but find wide application outside the sugar industry as the sucrose polynomial is built into the firmware of modern refractometers and is the basis for calibration of purely optical refractometers which read in Brix. Temperature correction factors, also derived from the polynomials, are the basis for the Automatic Temperature Compensation features found in those instruments. Thus, a vintner measuring the Brix of juice from his grapes by means of a refractometer accepts a sugar content reading based on the refractive properties of sucrose despite the fact that the primary sugar in grape juice is fructose, not sucrose. This usually does not result in significant error.

The ICUMSA is constituted of representatives from national committees designated by the governments of major sugar importing and exporting countries; the votes of these representatives are weighted according to the amount of sugar their countries import and export.

Sugar should be extracted from sound unfermented and un-decayed sugar cane. Sugar shall be free from mould, unnatural odors, chemicals, and insects. Labeling shall be in the English language showing net weight, country of origin, date of production, and that bags contain white refined cane sugar any other specifications which are not mentioned in the specifications are to be according to the International specifications which were fixed by (FAO/WHO/FDA/AND etc) and the lowest amount should be considered first.

We will supply only as per International standard specifications and it would available upon your request.

Indian / Pakistani Basmati Rice

The Reasons Why Basmati Is Best

If you think rice is just rice, here are just a few of the reasons why Basmati is best and why to choose Basmati over ordinary rice.

Basmati Is A Healthy ‘Supergrain”

Basmati is gluten-free and low in fat. It contains all eight essential amino acids, folic acid, and is very low in sodium and has no cholesterol.
Basmati has a low to medium glycemic index, meaning that energy is released at a slower, steadier rate leading to a more balanced level of energy.

Basmati Is A Taste Sensation

Basmati tastes like no other rice on earth. Unlike ordinary long grain rice the light, fluffy texture of Basmati’s long, slender grains offers the palate a totally different experience in terms of mouth-feel and taste – distinctive, unique and slightly ‘nutty’.

Basmati Has A Wonderful Aroma

Literally translated as ‘the fragrant one’, Basmati has been described as having the aroma of sun-baked wood and flowers. If you want to sell your house, just cook Basmati instead of baking bread!

Basmati Is The Champagne Of Rice

Likened to champagne, Pure Basmati is steeped in centuries of legendary tradition and heritage. Like a fine wine, Basmati improves with age, and relies entirely on nature for its very special characteristics.

Basmati Requires Constant Love And Affection

There is only one Basmati harvest a year and the plant requires specific weather conditions to mature and flourish. It is much taller than other rices, and so is prone to wind damage. Its delicate make-up explains the constant need for vigilance and care by the farmer, yet allows the plant to.

Basmati Is A Dream To Cook

Cooking with Basmati means light, delicate and separate grains. That’s because we carefully mill our grains, rejecting broken grains that would otherwise release starch and cause the rice to become sticky. Uniquely, the Basmati grain expands more than twice its dry length during cooking. Unlike other types of rice the grains only expand lengthways resulting in the grains retaining their long slender characteristic when cooked.

Basmati Extremely Versatile

The open texture of Basmati allows the grain to absorb other flavours, making it a sociable partner to a whole host of recipes.

Pure Basmati Is Accountable

We consider ourselves ‘Guardians’ of Basmati and from the very beginning have worked tirelessly to ensure that the legend of Pure Basmati continues to flourish. We adopt a ‘fair play’ policy, working with the farming communities of the Basmati growing region. It is a unique relationship. We support traditional farming with free growing advice via FACE our Farmers Advisory Cell and we provide Basmati seed to farmers at no profit.

Basmati – The Legend Lives On

For over the years, we have been committed to preserving this legendary rice. Today the farmers still grow Basmati using the methods of nurturing this precious grain that have been passed down from generation to generation. Our experienced buyers have only one brief – to buy the best Basmati, regardless of price. It’s as valuable to those who grow it, as it is for those who cook with it.

Basmati is now the most popular type of dry rice with UK consumers. Sales of Basmati rice have grown every year for the past 20 years and now account for over 50% of the rice sold in the UK. Annual Basmati sales of rice are £100 million at retail selling prices

We, at Everything You Need Group, would carefully monitor the suppliers to provide us the standard and high quality rice inline to satisfy our clients and to work with the clients for long time.


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