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Rental of Heavy Equipements, Trucks & Trailer

Everything You Need Group

Rental of Heavy Equipements, Dump Trucks & Trailer Trucks

Last twenty years, Everything You Need Group (EYNG) is working on rentals of heavy equipment with various major clients. On Trasportation side, Dump Trucks and Trailers are the main items of the group and providing any number of Dumpers to any long term project in KSA.

The Group is planning to invest more on trasporation as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has initiated many mega infrastructure development projects in the country, and extensive development of transportation network has followed suit to support various economic developments. As a result, the country now boasts an extensive transportation network.

Various types of Dumper are providing to our clients as per the client requirements from various brands such as Mercedes Benz, Man and Volvo.

All types of Trailer trucks are having the group to provide any part of the Saudi Arabia, esp, the demand of the Trailers are more and more increasing as the new expansion project in government and private sectors.

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